Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Twist on an "Old" Standard

We're all familiar with the traditional Jack O' Lanterns that you see all over during the Halloween season - but I've come to look forward to the interesting twist that one local Beauty Salon puts on an old favorite.

Gals and Guys Salon in Grafton, MA has a contest every year for their staff to decorate pumpkins for the clientele to vote on their favorite. Prizes differ every year, but I've seen that the staff there really let their creativity flow. They don't limit how they decorate the pumpkins and this year was no exception. I apologize because for some reason, my point & shoot camera really didn't work well - if there was even a hint of a tremor in my hand, the photo came out blurry. I guess I might have to start carrying around the canon (riiiight...that's a bag and a half!).

Without further ado - here are the photos I took. There were 8 entries this year, but unfortunately one of them was not available when I went to the salon. Apparently it had started to rot lol.


Aren't these too cute? Makes me want to head out to my local supermarket or farm stand and see if I can't turn out something half as good :)