Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Plan "B" - My Life's Motto

I swear I live by "Plan B" - it doesn't matter if it's work, home, or the dogs, something always happens that causes me to deviate from my original plan and have to go for the alternative. It's taught me to think on my feet and be creative when I need to be, but there are some days that I'd just like things to go according to the original plan.

For instance, the dogs. I have two dogs - Minnie who's 15 that we've had since she was about 4 months old, and Amapola, who we (read:I) adopted from the shelter in September. Amapola is a super affectionate dog to me, but to my husband she STILL runs when he comes into a room. When he sits down on the couch though, that's a different story altogether. She stands in front of me (I'm usually sitting next to him) and she's staring at DH with the puppy eyes, waiting for him to invite her up on the couch between us.

I can't get her to sit on the couch if DH is there - it's his call according to her lol. He has to go through this routine of wiggling his fingers, waving at her, and then when she comes close enough, pats her head. At that point, she usually gets up between us and lays on him. Go figure.

At night, she sleeps in the bed pretty much on me, but if DH is gone for the night, she insists on laying in the spot on the couch he sits in. And if he's away more than a day or so, she gets really upset, leaving me "presents" and wanting to stand at the end of the driveway to watch for him.

She also is afraid of cameras, flashlights, my cell phone (because she's figured out that I can take photos with it) and my ipod backight. I'm seriously going to take this dog to see a behavioralist.


  1. ::looking around admiringly:: Oh, Ath, I love what you've done with the place!! And a funny story, too!

  2. Morning Ath...Love your Blog Have you abandoned WP for this more user friendly Blog...it is really beautiful I must admit...I think I'm gonna have to use a Courtney kit and put up a blog on Blogger...else I'll be left behind...
    Denise :o)