Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something really cute

Anyone who knows me well knows that the word "cute" doesn't usually exit my mouth for any reason. It's just not a term I've ever been fond of - no reason in particular, it just "is".

Anyhow I was in Target this week for a plastic container to hold cereal in, and as it usually does, I find all sorts of other things that I have to have. This was THE thing this time:


(The photo was taken with my cell phone in my office at work - I thought it would be a nice, simple decoration for the holiday.)

Target had a whole slew of these banks all dolled up as different Halloween costumes - you can see their complete collection here. They're $8.00 a piece but if you're looking for something unique, I think they're, well, cute.

I did also see some that were done up with tiara's which I thought might be neat as a birthday present for a girl (maybe with some money in the bank to "start them off"), but I can't find any examples on the store's website to show off.

How do YOU decorate for Halloween at home? In the office?

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